Newly Single Kourtney Kardashian See-Through Shirt And Neon Bralet

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rusty-mattis - August 12, 2018

My heart breaks a little for Kourtney Kardashian because she's single again. It might be for the best, but if she's feeling down I hope she takes some time to herself to look at a picture of Kourtney Kardashian in a see-through top. That neon bra is really putting a smile on my face so I know it would put one of hers.

Having grown up in a small town I can safely say that only a few should dare to wear see-through. Kourtney Kardashian should wear see-through all the time. She really knows how to pull it off and make it look like it's supposed to look. Sure, I might have gone through a mesh t-shirt workout phase and I wish I could have stopped it sooner, but I'm not Kourtney Kardashian. I can't make it look amazing. She can. And does. And should continue wearing it as long as possible. I know some people and places might look down on see-through tops, but who needs them anyway! You keep on rocking see-through Kourtney Kardashian, you look better than anyone else ever has in see-through!

I think I just gave myself a pep talk. I'm not saying I'm going to go digging for my old sleeveless mesh tops, but I am hopeful that we'll see Kourtney Kardashian wearing see-through again in the very near future.

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Splash News