Newly Single Brooke Burke Is Keeping Her Body Toned And Tight

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elliot-wolf - April 23, 2018

With a hubba hubba and an obligatory howl is how I would like to say hello to Brooke Burke. She looks so desirable that it brings out the animal in me. But I’m still a gentleman. And even though my heart is flooded with strong emotions after seeing raw beauty in its purest form, I will greet her with the utmost respect. I’d introduce myself as her future husband because mindset is everything. And marrying her is all that I’ve had on my mind since I laid eyes on the lady.

I’m hearing that she’s escaped from a marriage recently. Which sounds to me like it’s time to set the lures and traps to attract Brooke’s attention. She likes to stay in shape so I’m learning how to cook cauliflower and other vegetables that I would normally feed to my cattle as an alternative. I’m also aware of her background in dance. So I plan on expanding my arsenal of dance moves to hold more than what I’ve learned square dancing at the ol’ hoedown. That way I’ll be right on cue when Brooke in her hot little ha cha cha cha outfit two-steps her way into my life.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA