New York Jets Reportedly Planning on Using Tim Tebow A Lot in the Red Zone

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michael-garcia - July 20, 2012

The New York Jets are reportedly mulling over an idea that's sure to not only piss off fantasy football owners, but probably Mark Sanchez as well. Rich Cimini of ESPN.com writes that team insiders say they're thinking about using world famous backup QB Tim Tebow in red zone situations to better employ running options while adding an extra blocker. Yeah, that should go over well.

Imagine how Sanchez, who is known to be a little sensitive, will feel when he orchestrates a drive down to the five yard line, only to get waved over the sideline so Tebow can try to run it in three times. Worse yet, imagine how you would feel if (for whatever reason) you had Sanchez on your team and he had his scoring chances cut down because Tebow comes in for the TD tries. Then think of the headlines; 'Tebow scores 3 TDs as Jets Win.' How's that feel Mark?

You're going to get scorched if you're thinking Sanchez is a viable fantasy QB anyway, especially now that the Jets are proudly telling everyone they're going to be all 'ground and pound' again.

So consider this an early warning, don't bother with Sanchez, but if this report is true, Tebow might actually be a decent late round pick. But most likely, some clown in your league will pick Timmy in the third round.

Long live Sanchebow! Make sure you click through the gallery to see what I imagine was going on at mini-camp back in May.

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