New Super Mario Bros 2 Comes Stuffed with Gold (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 23, 2012

Yeah it's a 3DS game but that sound of collecting coins is irresistible, especially in these hard economic times. Plus we know a lot of you call yourselves "old school gamers." New Super Mario Bros 2 is for the 3DS (or 3DS XL if you like more letters and bigger screens) so you'll have to readjust your hand-eye coordination to have all of that fun.

One point should be noted: there's a tanker full of gold in this game. Between the Gold Rings (turns enemies into gold, they turn into gold when they die),Gold Mario (throws fireballs that turns blocks into coins) and Gold Block (Mario's head turns into a block of gold and then spews coins continuously) you're given a lot of tools to help you achieve the hallowed 1,000,000 coin achievement. And really even if you won't admit that you secretly wish you could throw fireballs that turned bricks into gold in real life, EVERYBODY wants gold coins to spew from their heads continuously. Don't even try to lie.

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