New Star Trek, Vintage Star Trek Unlimited Viewing Without Commercials on CBS All-Access 7-Day Free Trial!

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bill-swift - December 20, 2015

Live long and watch a shit-ton of Star Trek without any commercials ever. If you be nerd like me, this is amazing. All CBS programming including Big Bang Theory and Kaley Cuoco bosom available for digital streaming whenever wherever and on your favorite screens. The brand new Star Trek Series, as yet untitled, though I'm pushing for Star Trek Egotastic, will be seen exclusively on CBS All-Access. You will lose your geek cred without it.

All-New Star Trek Coming to CBS All-Access: Try It Now FREE For 7-Days

CBS is offering Egotastic Readers a 7-Day Free Trial to try out CBS All-Access for NCIS, Survivor, Big Bang, and all your favorite CBS shows present and past and future like Star Trek. Definitely try it out. I'm quite sure you'll find it the bomb. This is the future of television. The future is now. And it's free for a bit, so be less lazy than me, and get on it. Enjoy.