New Skyrim Patch to Feature Snow Elves?

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bill-swift - May 1, 2012

According to a discovery made by Skyrim fan 'Karellan', it seems as though Bethesda's first DLC for their massive sandbox RPG could feature the forgotten race of the 'Snow Elves' as well as a possible new weapon in the form of a crossbow and a new feeding animation for vampires.

The discovery was made when Karellan scanned an update 1.5.26 file that was discovered by another user named, 'Raestloz'. Using a program called 'String.exe', Karellan uncovered various strings of text that seem to hint at the inclusion of the previously mentioned discoveries, as well as something prefixed as "RF". 

You can check out his findings on the official Bethesda forums and see for yourself but, if you ask me, any DLC is good DLC in the land of Skyrim and I look forward to opening my depressingly thin wallet and letting them have at it.

Article By Travis Shuman
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