New Promo Pics For ‘The Wolverine’ Make You Go “Hmmm…”

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bill-swift - March 26, 2013

Director James Mangold recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss his new movie, The Wolverine, with the help of a few promo pics. In addition to the introduction of a couple new characters, and a little bit about them, Mangold also gave us some insight into the mysterious story. As we've mentioned before, the highly-anticipated sequel will take place in Japan, but now we know so much more. Well, sort of. Now we know more about the supporting cast than we did before.

Okay, so according to Mangold, Logan must protect Mariko (Tao Okamoto) because "there's kind of a gangland war going on between law enforcement and the Yakuza, and there's been a lot of kidnappings and extortion." In other words, Mariko is in danger of being kidnapped, so Logan helps her out. Cool, got it.

Then there is Viper - the villainess hottie in green played by Svetlana Kodchenkova, who "likes to play with toxins," and views Logan "like a great hunter might view hunting a lion..." Ooooh, how intriguing.

And finally, we have Yukio (Rila Fukushima). Yukio is apparently a badass fighter and a character "sprung from the anime world" who has an interesting relationship/friendship with Logan/Wolverine. So there's that.

But enough reading. It's time to check out the New Promo Pics and Movie Posters for The Wolverine:

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