New Elysium Trailer Shows Matt Damon Being All Kinds of Badass (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 15, 2013

When any trailer features the line, "Yo, bring down the bone saw!" we're pretty much all-aboard. Like, immediately.

Sony dropped a new extended trailer for Elysium today that features that very line. On top of that, we get to see Matt Damon character's frustration with authority and bureaucracy  manifesting itself. How? Well, first he does like we all do and he gives them the snark and bullshit they deserve. Then, when that doesn't seem to work, he gets some sort of jerry-rigged cyborg armor and starts a one-man war. And who hasn't done that?

What we don't get a lot of, but we obviously want more of, is the very sexy Brazilian actress Alice Braga.

Click for the Damon-snark, stay for the robo-warrior battles. Or vice verse.