New “Django Unchained” Trailer Makes Us Weep In Anticipation! How Will It Compare To Tarantino’s Greatest Ever Moments?

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bill-swift - October 13, 2012

The new trailer for Django Unchained is so fantastic that you can't help but be excited for Tarantino's newest adventure. The latest footage shows us a lot more of Leonardo DiCaprio's villainous Calvin Candie, with the Titanic star already impressing with his efforts.

Released on Christmas Day it promises to be that last great cinematic adventure of 2012. But how will it measure up to the chinned wonders' previous work? Well if it features scenes like these then I'm sure it'll be fine ... Enjoy.

Marvin's Death - Pulp Fiction

Opening Strut - Reservoir Dogs

Baseball Bat Decapitation - Inglorious Bastards

Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken Act Off - True Romance

Final Restaurant Altercation - Pulp Fiction