New Deleted ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ Scene Reveals Jason Clarke’s Fate (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - October 24, 2017


If you saw War for the Planet of the Apes this past summer and wondered where Jason Clarke and Keri Russell's characters from Dawn of the PotA had gone, you're not alone. Because of the ten year time jump between these films, not a lot of actors that aren't playing apes hang around. 

Thanks to Collider, we've got this new deleted scene from War for the PotA—which is out today on Blu-ray and DVD—explains what happened to Clarke's character Malcolm (as well as his family, presumably). It's not pretty and it involves the third film's main antagonist, Woody Harrelson's Colonel. It's a bit ham-fisted and that's probably why it was left out of the film, but at the very least, it helps to tie up that loose end. 

Having recently re-watched the original PotA films, I admire this final film for really trying to tie this new trilogy into the old films and setting them up as proper prequels. I'll go ahead and say this as well, though it's not nearly as controversial a statement as it should be... This is the best sci-fi/fantasy prequel trilogy of all-time. By a country mile. The final film in the new trilogy, War for the Planet of the Apes, is a total downer, but it's also great and you should check it out.