New ‘Black Label’ DC Comic Shows Batman’s Penis

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Sam Robeson - September 20, 2018


For decades softcore masturbation material has taken the form of socially-acceptable comic books. The socially-acceptable bulges for the gay boys and lonely acne-riddled tall straight girls who read comics. Heaving super tit cleavage and visible nipple outlines for the straight boys. Who needed sex ed when we had Wonder Woman. But now thanks to explicitly pornographic comics, the masquerade is over and comic books are free to just be something you try to clean your jizz or queef juice off of, but are never actually able to, because the pages are too thin and don't hold up to the abuse. Asking for a friend?

Actually, according to, explicitly porny comics are nothing new, as DC Comics used to release the content under their Suggested For Mature Readers label. Now the dicks and tits are back thanks to the revamped porn version of their comics - the Black Label line - and the first anatomy lesson the world is getting comes from Batman. The comic is called Batman: Damned, and in at least one frame, we see Batman's penis. This will save young gay fans years of confusion in high school, and will make young straight fans eagerly await seeing Catwoman's labia. And any old fans still reading comic books have seen neither in real life.

Head HERE, HERE, and HERE for Batman's NSFW cock

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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