Netflix’s Stable of Sexy Stars At Altered Carbon Premiere

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aldo-vallon - February 5, 2018

 I love that due to my cord cutting I am no longer subjected to seemingly endless commercials. The downside to this is that I am constantly out of the loop in regards to what new movies and shows are coming out. Now instead of knowing whether or not this new show is any good, I am lambasted with beautiful women and I am now compelled to watch the first episode. And with how much trash is being produced I am likely to hate it and be wasting my time. I say this without even knowing anything about the show aside from knowing that I like the mug on the woman to the left. Do you see my problem?

Even the man featured in these photos is a hunk. Couldn't they have made a show starring an ugly guy surrounded by beautiful women like all the other shows on TV seem to do? It seems disingenuous to propose that everyone in the world is hot.

What I am not saying is that I want ugly women thrown it at the expense of losing some hot women. I have not said that. I will never say that. But these producers can feel free to throw the elephant man in there if they'd like.



Photo Credit: Splash News