Netflix Launches Website Dedicated to Spoiling the Endings to Famous Movies and TV Shows

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bill-swift - September 24, 2014

I hate spoilers. Not the kind you get when you go on Twitter or Facebook and see people talking about the season finale of Game of Thrones, because that's your own damn fault. But the kind where you're minding your own business and you come across a fucking headline that tells you how Breaking Bad ended a week after the finale. (See what I did there? I didn't spoil it, even though I could have.)

Of course, spoilers have been around since the dawn of cinema. ("Say, did you swell dames hear what Rosebud is???) However, in recent years, as the use of DVRs and online streaming services has skyrocketed, what was a spoiler problem has grown into a spoiler pandemic.

For that reason, last year right around this time, Netflix launched a "spoiler foiler" that would filter tweets about Breaking Bad from your Twitter feed. That way you didn't have to give up Twitter just because you were only on season four of the show when the finale aired. And I for one thought it was a pretty rad idea.

Apparently, though, Netflix came to the opposite conclusion. Because this year, rather than trying to foil spoilers, they've launched a new website dedicated to propagating them.

No joke. The site is like spoiler Russian roulette. You click "Enter." Then they ask "Are you sure?" Then you click again and it starts showing you spoiler after spoiler. You may get through one or two or five without having anything ruined, because everybody knows how Rocky and Old Yeller end. But eventually, just like real Russian roulette, one is going to get you.

Want to play? Well, here's the link. But don't say I didn't warn you.

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