Neta Alchimister Tantalizing Turquoise Thong Bikini in Miami

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Mitch Jablonski - February 15, 2019

Israeli model Neta Alchimister might be a new name to you, lord knows it was to me, so let me get you up to speed. Neta was born in 1994, which is guaranteed to make you feel old, but then when you find out she was born on 4/20, it eases the pain somewhat.

Neta has been the lead model for Israeli fashion line Castro since 2015, and she also has her own line of designer swimwear called BaNaNhot. I don't know if this turquoise number is part of her collection, but seeing her wearing it on the beach in Miami is enough of an endorsement for me that she's got good taste in swimwear.

The front view on this swimsuit is nice, but let's be honest, it's amazing from the back. The thong is one of mankind's greatest triumphs, and Neta proves it by showing off her supple butt cheeks in this turquoise thong. Matter of fact, I'm pretty sure Turquoise Thong is a Jimmy Buffet song. Look it up. I swear, I think it's on that one album, the one I hate.

But before you look anything up, look at these amazing pictures of Neta Alchimister in her turquoise thong, showing the world what's what.

Photos courtesy of MEGA