Neil Patrick Harris Wants A Free Gym Membership

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esteban-esposito - July 22, 2015

Neil Patrick Harris entered a promotional competition to win a free membership at Equinox, a gym where people get dressed up to go and sit around on a Nautilus while texting. 

Harris competed against eleven others in the Equinox Goldrush Challenge which involved swimming 300 yards and then taking a 22 foot dive into a pool to retrieve the membership card. 

It's completely unclear how the competition works but what's important is it gave the dudes an excuse to take off their shirts. 

Harris did not win the membership but was still a good sport about it. He is most certainly not hurting for cash, but sometimes a deal is a deal. You never know when your phone will stop ringing, bank all the schwag you can while the sun's still shining. There's also a great promo on socks on Groupon. Get on that, Doogie.