Need to Sober Up? Take a Shot of Sober Up!

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bill-swift - March 21, 2013

Miracle drinks that claim to sober you right up have popped up every now and then over the past few years. Some work, while others are just bullsh't concoctions that want to charge you a pretty penny for lemon-flavored carbonated water. For my money, a bottle of Excedrin blended with coffee, ice and ketamine is really the only thing that works.

But he latest one to hit the market is aptly called 'Sober Up' and it seems to be legit, although it might work differently for everyone and not work as well for you. Or probably not at all.

Sober Up is basically a shot that contains Eastern herbs that'll help you detox and get into a better state of mind when you've had too much to drink. According to their site, it was made using 'Western beverage technology.' I don't know what the heck that has to do with the efficacy of the product, but I guess I'll pass verdict on this one once I try it.

Any other takers?

Try It: $30 (for three bottles)

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