‘Need for Speed: Rivals’ Brings us a Slice of GTA V-Style High Speed Badassery (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 12, 2013

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Driveclub, as we know, is no longer going to make it in time for launch. It's coming from Merry Old England, after all, so presumably an overturned tea truck on the highway is delaying its arrival.

The upshot of this business is that PS Plus subscribers will instead be receiving crazy-ass platformer Contrast at launch (in place of the free special edition of this free-roamy racer as originally intended). Does this mean that genre fans will have no rubber to burn until ‘early 2014'? It doesn't. Feast your eyes, ears and balls on this footage of Need for Speed: Rivals.

This little doozy will be released for the current and next generation consoles, and is a rather sexy looking throwback to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Which means police chases, crazy stunts and a general lack of regard for the speed limit. The above is oddly reminiscent of your average carnage-laden drive through Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. Which is, naturally, all kinds of a good thing.