Need for Speed: Most Wanted is Coming, Here’s Why You Need to Get It

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bill-swift - October 27, 2012

This final quarter of 2012 has been proving to be a great time for the gaming community. The amount of quality games that have been released in the past couple months have been great and there's only more to come from here. Everything from massively hyped games like Dishonored to sleeper hits like Sleeping Dogs have really shown their worth and risen to the top this year but we're not done yet. One of the biggest games I've been looking forward to this year is Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Readers should take note of the fact that I'm not a fan of the racing genre at all. I'm not really one for strict competition against other players and I'm not even all that into the Need for Speed series as a whole but there's something about the latest installment that has me on the edge of my seat. Most Wanted is hitting store shelves in a mere 4 days and pre-orders include a couple pretty badass bonus cars for you to crash into whatever you like. Still unsure about giving Criterion your hard-earned money? Read on, my friends...

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