Need A Laugh? Here’s A Robbery Gone Wrong

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Sam Robeson - June 29, 2018

People try to act like viral videos of garbage pail people doing dumb crap are a new thing, but back in my day, we bolstered our self-esteem by watching others fail via Cops and America's Funniest Home Videos. Sorry gen Z. Anything you can do we did less conveniently in the 90's.

A new video is going around depicting a robbery gone right at a Canadian convenience store. We first watch as a shirtless tweaker is taken down by Alberta's finest, but the real magic happens when his accomplice - a surprisingly basic looking chick in hot pants - tries to make her getaway by hiding out in a bathroom before crawling above one of those notoriously sturdy drop ceilings.

Just two minutes after her knight in shining handcuffs is wrestled to the front of the store, she drops from the ceiling like the bag of shit that she is before surrendering. I can picture my dad laughing in his recliner while eating burnt popcorn out of a bag and my mom saying "Should the kids really be watching this honey?" Disgusting people with nothing to live for doing embarrassing things on camera. Anyone else getting the warm fuzzies?

Photo Credit: CTV via TMZ

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