Need a Hobby? Make Gin at Home With the HomeMade Gin Kit

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bill-swift - November 12, 2013

Some people collect stamps. Others build stuff out of LEGO. The boring ones assemble complicated ships in a bottle. If you're in need of a hobby but find all of these activities unappealing, then why not make gin at home instead?

Making gin isn't rocket science, but you will need at least a bit of technical knowhow and of course, some basic equipment. The HomeMade Gin Kit provides you with all that in one neat package. You won't be able to fill several bottles every time, but you can make enough to share a glass or two with your buddies.

So it's an unusual hobby at best, but it's one where you can reap what you sow and enjoy it to the last drop.

From the makes of the HomeMade Gin Kit:

Most people don't realize that it is possible to make a small batch of gin at home without costly (and illegal) distilling equipment. Our kit comes with a special blend of spices, botanicals, and flowers, a tin full of juniper berries, two Italian glass bottles, a double mesh fine strainer, and a funnel so that people can make gin at home.

Check It Out: $50

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