NBA 2K13 Sponges Off of NBA 2K12 Accolades (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 14, 2012

Look, I understand that NBA 2K is one of the most important sports franchises in all of video games and that if you're trying to sell a new one, it makes sense to mention the one that came before it. However, if you're going to wrangle Blake Griffin's dry humor and whatever it is people like about Kobe Bryant, put all of that credibility and attention to how awesome the new game is going to be. Don't tell us how awesome the last game was.

Anybody who is impressionable enough to be moved by such a video clip should already have NBA 2K12. They're not going to buy it again. They're not going to wait to see who wins between Kevin Durant's Thunder and LeBron James' Heat and then go pick up another copy. They will, however, grab 2K 13 when it comes out. If only there was a commercial featuring superstar NBA players to help them know about it.

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