Naya Rivera Pictures To Introduce a Sexy Singing Cheerleader

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bill-swift - September 11, 2010

Being the only straight male on this planet who watches the show Glee (okay, please, no letters, I get it, you're the other straight guy who loves the idea of musical theater on television) and while I've had my secret crushes on Lea Michele, and enjoyed seeing Heather Morris upskirt pictures, I'm starting to fall for the sultry and exotic Naya Rivera, the cheerleader Santana Lopez on the program. First, cheerleader, enough said. Second, hotness. Third, a Puerto Rican, German, African-American mix? That's like a super sexy ultimo blend available only at genetic Starbucks. Lust is setting in, setting in quickly, and I feel myself breaking into song. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame