Nausicaa Wears Nothing Under Revealing Dress

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bill-swift - August 6, 2015

Nausicca is a busy girl and sometimes she  forgets things. For example, wearing underwear. It certainly seems to have slipped her mind for this photoshoot in which she reveals that she is, in fact, naked under her clothes. Luckily, the dress is very revealing. It has slits all the way past her hips. The resulting view is quite spectacular. You get to see all kinds of sidebutt. That's the region between the hips and the cheeks proper that gives a hint at the overall curvature of the booty area. But that's not all. Her cleavage is also out of control because, as I said, she's not wearing a bra. That and she has a spectacular rack anyway. 

Underwear is overrated. For most of human history we all went commando. I'm not saying that should be true of everyone, but if you reach a certain level of hotness I think it should definitely be considered. 

Photo Credit: FameFlynet