Nathalia Ramos Bikini Pictures Drop the Teen Sexy on Santa Monica Beach

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bill-swift - June 9, 2012

If you've been following Egotastic! lately, you know that House of Anubis Nickelodeon latina starlet Nathalia Ramos has suddenly became a major object d' lust and our undying affections, as she has appeared out of nowhere the past few months jogging, working out, and short-shortsing her hotness about Los Angeles.

And, now, bikini time.

The hot-bodied nineteen year old bilingual (mmm, two tongues) nubile thespianic showed exactly why were were justified in going goo-goo for her the minute we saw her as she showed off her more than delicious bikini body along the Pacific Coast. This lust affair with Nathalia Ramos is only going to get better, I can feel it in my groinal regions. Enjoy.