Natalie Portman Booty Pictures from Restricted Trailer of ‘Your Highness’

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bill-swift - November 18, 2010

God bless our good friends at IGN for coming through with the restricted (i.e., naughty bits) trailer for the upcoming knightly comedy, Your Highness, which looks to be hella funny, but, more importantly, to flash the beautiful bare butt of our most ridiculously sexy Hebrew School hottie, Natalie Portman. We lust Natalie Portman. So many delicious parts to choose from. But, today, Portman booty lovers can rejoice at the brief, but so salivacious sextastic frames of the petite hottie's sexy junk trunk. These Natalie Portman butt pictures are frame-and-put-on-the-wall worthy. I suggest the bedroom, but living room works for those of you who are girlfriend-delinquent at the present time. Enjoy.

(You must check out the entire restricted Your Highness trailer at IGN. It's pretty effin' hilarious.)

Watch the Short Clip: