Natalie Portman: Terrorist

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bill-swift - July 8, 2005

I feel pretty guilty making terrorist jokes in light of today's awful events, but life goes on, and you're not here to be bummed out.

Speaking to Newsweek about her work in Microfinance to help impoverished women in Africa build new businesses, Natalie Portman was also asked about her new buzz haircut (now a wicked cool mohawk) and she said this:

I got pulled over at the tunnel the other night in New York. I've never had that happen to me before. It's supposedly random. They pulled me over at the Midtown Tunnel. My registration was expired because I had been out of town, and it was my first day back. I'd been in Israel and Berlin for the shooting. They wouldn't let me go in. But he said to take the bridge instead. And I didn't understand that logic. If you're a suspect, don't take the tunnel take the bridge?

Ironically, Natalie plays a pseudo-terrorist in her new movie, V for Vendetta, for which she shaved her head. Here are some smallish pictures of Natalie Portman sporting her new Mohawk look, and smoking, which for such a supposedly smart girl (Harvard, anyone), is pretty dumb.

Update: Found some new Hi-res images.