Natalie Portman Nude Again?

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bill-swift - February 22, 2008

Now I'm sure we all remember seeing Natalie Portman nude in Hotel Chevalier, and if this report from PR Inside has any merit, we may see Natalie Portman nude again. Not only that, but apparently, Natalie Portman would happily go nude again. That's even the title of the article.


Actress NATALIE PORTMAN has no qualms about stripping off onscreen if a movie requires it, despite previously insisting she would never go nude.

The Star Wars beauty appeared naked in director Wes Anderson's short film Hotel Chevalier, which acted as a prologue to 2007's The Darjeeling Limited.

The 13-minute movie attracted criticism because it featured Portman in her first nude scene - but she now insists she would be happy to do it again.

She says, "I had no problem doing that scene or how it was done."

Well, that all sounds great, but am I missing something? Where exactly in that article does it say Natalie Portman would happily get naked on screen again? She did say she was fine with getting naked for Hotel Chevalier, but she didn't say anything else, as far as I can tell.

So, what's the moral of the story? I don't know, actually. I heard the words "Natalie" "Portman" and "Nude" together, and that's all I can remember.

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