Natalie Portman Looks Great In Her Tennis Outfit

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earl-jonas - November 15, 2017

A-list hottie Natalie Portman gave birth to her daughter Amalia just eight months ago, but already looks like her former reliably-stunning self, as evident in these sextastic tennis workout candids. Portman can be seen wearing the heck out of some stretchtastic pants while her oversized tennis balls swing to and fro under her top. At thirty-six-years-old there really isn't anything bad that you can say about the sextastic Academy Award winner. She'll turn you into Wack Swan. She'll make you Jackie off. She'll make your peen Thor from all the chafing. V for eviscerate your underwear. These are getting weaker. Head to the gallery to get a Closer look at Portman and let us know below if it's due time for her to film her next nude scene!   


Photo Credit: Splash News