Natalie Pinkham Bikini Preggo Wet and Alluring Down Barbados Way

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bill-swift - November 18, 2014

You know of my penchant for the hot ladies with child. Just my thing and a couple other million folks. Bear with us as we indulge in the curvaceous goodness of British sports reporter Natalie Pinkham on baby to be holiday in Barbados still in her rather showy bikini. Outside of her burgeoning lovely bulges, Natalie's in faptastic shape for the supporting of such a tiny bit of swimwear along the Caribbean shores. The fecund nature of her female form all the more alluring in my own opinion. She's going to need back rubs and front rubs to keep that body in shape for the work ahead. I gladly volunteer.

I used to care what people thought of my personal predilections of the opposite and much more sextastic gender. Less so now that I've taken to heart my own philosophy that the heart wants want the boner points to. Something like that, only I need to rephrase it probably before it makes Bartlett's. Enjoy.