Natalie Gal Flaunts Her Body At The Pumpkin Patch

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bill-swift - October 22, 2014

Redonkulously hot person Natalie Gal showed off her ripe gourds at the Pumpkin Patch in LA. She was there to pick up some pumpkins presumably to carve for the Halloween. She took the opportunity to do some provocative sexy posing for the cameras. She was wearing a tight pair of pants that looked like they were painted on and a crop top which displayed her lovely bare mid-riff for everyone's viewing pleasure. She then used a couple of pumpkins as standins for her funbags. Halloweentime truly is a magical time of year when women dress scantily clad and behave in goofy/sexy ways. Natalie makes my Great Pumpkin want to come to her patch, if you get my meaning.

Yes, I did just make a Peanuts sexual double entendre. I'm that good.