Natalie Burn Bikini Booty and Hot Body Madness in Greece

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bill-swift - September 11, 2014

Dancer turned Expendables 3 thespianic Natalie Burn makes a strong cases for wet bikini bottom sextastic of the day here on Egotastic! with her absolutely stellar toned beach body show off time on the beaches of Greece. I simply can't take my eyes off of her without imagining us doing a little Dancing with the Stars private edition in my rumpus room. No judges, no costumes, just lots of rumba.

Natalie reminds us that for every crazy hot celebrity we knew last year, there's an entirely new darling just coming onto the scene to give us hours and eyefuls of splendid views. It's the never ending wheel of the sextastic. Not a line. A circle. Often, lovely round circles on tops and bottoms of some killer hot brunettes if we're lucky. Today, we are very luck. Good show, Natalie. Enjoy.