Natalia Vodianova Sextastic In Sheer Lingerie and Nylons

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bill-swift - July 11, 2015

Natalia Vodianova has a body to die for. Not literally. I mean, if the scenario could be explained in detail, I might consider it. You do have to go out somehow. There are worse ways than clamped between the nylon covered legs of this Russian model super hottie.

Natalia was tapped by Etam lingerie to pimp their panties and bras and silky sheer things in between because she just happens to exude a couple metric tons of alluring sextastic with her twisting preening sweet lithesome body. The question about what she's wearing on top of her lingerie seems entirely gratuitous. She could walk into any boardroom, bedroom, or man cave in this world in just panties and nylons and dominate. I'd like to be her first whipping boy, just to prove her case. First in, last out, let's do this Natalia. I do have latex allergies. We can work around it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Etam Lingerie