Naomi Watts Rocks Out On The Beach In Sexy Blue Swimsuit

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rusty-mattis - April 9, 2018

Look, I just gotta be honest with you guys, I love me some Naomi Watts. Always have, always will. Don't know if it's because she's a great actress who gets nude a lot or it's because every woman I've ever loved has been blonde, but Naomi Watts is one of my all-time favorites. Any day I get to see her in a movie or on vaca in blue bathing suit is a good day in my book.

And you know it doesn't even have to be a blue bikini or anything like that for me to love it. I just really dig Naomi Watts and really if you don't dig her then odds are we aren't going to be friends. I know that might be kind of harsh, but my feelings for Naomi Watts and her sexiness are just that strong. I won't be mean to you, but I ain't inviting you to my cookout. Although if you are someone who might be really into Naomi Watts and her sexiness I'd kindly ask that you think about all the movies Naomi Watts has done, all the nudity, and really think about how even if the movie is bad Naomi Watts is great. You'll probably come to that realization and jump on the Naomi Watts bandwagon. It's a fun wagon to be on, there's a lot of sexy Naomi Watts here.

Is this the sexiest Naomi Watts has ever been? Probably not. Are these Naomi Watts pics incredible sexy? Damn straight. Anything Naomi Watts does is sexy and I love it.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA