Naomi Watts Keeps It Tight In Surprisingly Sexy Yoga Studio Candids

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brian-mcgee - August 24, 2018

Naomi Watts is one hot lady! If you look at her in Tank Girl, though actually don't do that, she allegedly abhors that movie. Look at her in Mulholland Dr, instead. She's naked in that one too, which is nice...

Look at her in that movie and then look at her now... It's not that far off. She's got amazing genes and she helps them along with a little yoga.

That Naomi Watts is into yoga isn't surprising. All those skinny women love yoga. It's a thing skinny women love almost as much as they love wine.

Naomi Watts may well be the queen of this yoga studio for all I know, but she's certainly making it work like a queen. YAS QUEEN! That's what the kids say, right?

Don't patronize me "Nice" guy. I don't need that right now. I'm struggling really hard to connect with the kids and they told me that when all else fails, attempt to talk to them on their level.

I thought I was being hip and with it, but it turns out I was being a square. I think we all learned something today. We all learned that Naomi Watts is the queen of her yoga studio and a timeless being who doesn't age due to a deal made with one of several netherworld gods or goddesses.

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