Naomi Campbell And David Blaine Make A Gross Couple On A Yacht

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Sam Robeson - August 22, 2018

The legacy of attractive women getting with fat greasy fucks continues as Naomi Campbell and David Blaine appear to be an item, at least if you go by these pics of the duo cuddling on a yacht in St. Tropez together. Blaine, an out-of-work magician, magically made himself double in size, and something tells me it's quite the trick for Campbell to be able to find his engulfed wand.

What's the point of portion control if someone as gross as Blaine can get someone like Campbell, who, while an old diseased bitch, still looks amazing for forty-eight. Blaine is a piece of useless shit, and if you needed any proof beyond the fact that he once suckled twelve-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio's taint for relevancy during his elite Pussy Posse years, Blaine uses one of those water jet packs in the new pics. The kind of thing you assume is only used by Richard Branson. Asia Argento fucking a teenager is more of a fairytale romance than this unholy abortion of a union. Goddamn I'm grumpy today. It's like I need to bash a maid's face in with my cell phone or something.

Photo Credit: Backgrid / Splash News