Name Those Norks: The Beginning

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chris-littlechild - August 28, 2012

As is quite plain, there are no more sagacious connoisseurs of fine female flesh than our own Ego-legions. (Huzzah! Man-hugs all round! Not in a flamboyant, limp-wristed fashion. However vehemently you maintain that you merely experimented in college, curtail your need for wanton gleeful ass-surfing for a moment.) With this axiom in mind, we have fabricated a bosomy little confection of a game that naught but the most proficient oglers will appreciate.
Prepare to engage your formidable crotch-brains!

It's a fairly facile concept. Some of the most voluptuous virtual vixens reside in the gallery. Alas, Master Chief has insidiously metamorphosed their faces into a facsimile of his own helmet (amusing penis-tacular double entendre intended.) Ergo, we entreat you to identify our lithe ladyfolk from only their magnificently booby bodies. For bonus acclaim, can you establish the identity of one of the most lustable celebrity gamers from the ACTUAL REAL WORLD therein?