Nadeea Volianova Sextastic Super Bowl Socia Media Shoot

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elliot-wolf - February 2, 2018

One way you know a woman is hot before seeing them is if you have trouble pronouncing their name and autocorrect suggests that you’ve made an error in spelling. I’ve been having trouble for at least the last half hour trying to get a proper pronunciation for this very hot and very Super Bowl ready young lady. But either way Nadeea Volianova is just my kind of girl. We have one of the most important events in America happening within the next couple of days and she’s already ready, early and ahead of schedule to show support way in advance. That’s a woman you can take home to mom because she’s always prepared. You’ll never have to worry about missing another game again because she’ll be ready at home waiting with a jersey on. 

I’m ready for some football with Nadeea. She’s allowed to decide whether we play tackle or two hand touch because either one works just fine for me. I promise I’ll be gentle. Even if she’s only up for watching the game I’d be more than happy to just sit on the sidelines as a spectator with her. It would probably be smart for her to start printing her own jerseys because I just became a loyal fan. 


Photo Credit: Splash News