Nabilla Benattia Bikini Pictures for French Faptastic Summer Beach Madness

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bill-swift - August 16, 2013

Oh, sure, first I laughed when I heard that French reality starlet Nabilla Benattia was taking her turn into scripted programming. But, I stopped laughing the minute I saw her wardrobe choice for her role in the French TV hit show Hollywood Girls. A tiny bikini that barely, if not really, covered up her curvaceous female form.

Shooting on the beach in Los Angeles, where I ditched my metal detector in favor of a high powered camera, Nabilla absolutely stole the attention of every man, woman, and seagull within viewing distance as she put her full sextasitc body on display in her skimpy two piece. Wow. I could feel the tingles in the area where I once got drunk and thought it'd be funny use my Bedazzler. It hurt. Not now, then. Now, it just feels wonderful. Bless you, Nabilla. Enjoy.