Myleene Klass Spilling Cleavage For Leather Lingerie Hotness

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bill-swift - December 10, 2015

Today seems to be the day of hotties in leather. I'm okay with that as it turns out. Myleene Klass in little leather bras and bustiers is the latest and greatest. I can feel the tingles approaching like an oncoming temblor deep in the ground.

Feature in Littlewoods Lingerie catalog, the super fashion model strips down to her garters and stockings and under fun things to give you a glimpse of both product and model. If given the choice between the two, you surely know what I would pick. Though there were be some remorse in leaving behind the leather lingerie. Albeit, that would imply that Myleene was no naked. So, either way I win. I love such a proposition. Sextastic models in leather skivvies, who would have thunk up such a wonderful visual? I'll take ten to go please. It's Christmas time! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Littlewoods Lingerie