Must See Man-Fodder: Dead Space 3’s Horrific New Denizen, The ‘Feeder’

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chris-littlechild - July 31, 2012

We've run the gauntlet of the grotesque with Dead Space. Abominations like ACTUAL BABY-BOMBS that crawl upside-down a la those shenanigans that made us violently shit ourselves in the Exorcist, or those bastards that projectile vomit feculent caustic unpleasantness into your delicate eyeballs like mean mothers are merely par for the course.

Impending iteration Dead Space 3 now divulges these screens of the Necromorph family's fresh freakish progeny, The Feeder. This asshole, Gematsu reports, originates '...when a human eats corrupted necromorph flesh.' A lamentable mishap which could befall anyone, we're sure. (That festering meaty lump of bloody viscera-leavings on the floor, which I'm assured was once a dead guy? Now heinously mutated, limbs akimbo, with a face resembling a pound of mince-that's been dropped from an aircraft, mark you-? It's giving methe munchies. I'll chew on his ghastly maggot-ravaged claw-arm. I can't conceive of any doomtastically catastrophic consequences resulting from a logical notion likethat.) Join us in the gallery for the first appearances of this malevolent menace, and a wanton dose of piss-taking regarding its uncanny doppelganger status to He-Man's decrepit nemesis, Skeletor.

Images provided by Gematsu.

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