MUST SEE: Cintia Dicker Freckled Lingerie Sexy for Summer and Fall (VIDEOS)

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bill-swift - June 14, 2012

Do you happen to love hot red-headed freckled German-Brazilian supermodels dancing about in little bits of silky clothing, or even less? Of course you do.

If you happened to not notice, summer is here. And what better way to kick off the single best season for sextastic than with Cintia Dicker in her Summer 2012 pimping lingerie and hotness video for American Eagle. Just a grand achievement in the visual sextacular. If you didn't love girls with freckles before watching this video, prepare to become infatuated.

And, since we are always looking to add goodness, check out an equally hot advanced look at Cintia Dicker for the AE Outfitters Fall 2012 lingerie campaign. It's like a double blessing of hotness.

What's that. You want more more more new Cintia Dicker lingerie hotness in motion? Okay, check out Cintia's new Aerie Lingerie push-up bra promo. Yep, it's sweet: