Cops Discover an Entire Mobile Office in Crazy Speedster’s Car

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bill-swift - November 23, 2012

Get ready to meet one of the world's most dangerous drivers who speeds through the streets of Germany regularly. The papers didn't release his name, so for the sake of clarity, let's call him the Speedster.

Anyway, the Speedster recently got slapped with a 120 Euro (around $153) ticket because he was doing 130 kph in a 100 kph zone. When officers got to his car, they discovered that he had put together an entire mobile office on the passenger seat.

On some counts, it's impressive. I'm sure it took a lot of work to hook everything up and make sure that they don't fall off or fall apart while you're hitting speed bumps and making turns on the road. On hindsight, it's pretty stupid and dangerous.

I mean, come on. I'm pretty sure this guy uses his mobile office when the stoplight turns red or even when he's driving. It just feels like the roads are going to be a lot less safer if he's driving.

Lucky for him, he just wasn't caught by the cops in the act or it'd probably mean a bigger fine and a possible order to disassemble and remove his 'office' from his vehicle.

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