Mullet-on-the-Go: Get a Mullet In an Instant

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bill-swift - April 28, 2013

Got short hair? Want a mullet? That's not a problem because you can just throw one on and go, thanks to an awesome hair invention (read: wig) called Mullet-on-the-Go. The hairstyle was a huge hit in the nineties, but if you never sported out the radical 'do before, then now's your chance to get on the trend--albeit two decades too late.

Mullet-on-the-Go gives you an instant mane of ridiculous awesomeness that you can flip and flaunt to your heart's content. At least, until your girlfriend gives you the stink eye.

At ten bucks a pop, there's no reason why you should turn away from this chance of a lifetime.

Get It: $10

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