Mr. Skin Launches Brand New Podcast On All Things Awesome

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michael-garcia - July 13, 2016

Our good friends at Mr. Skin have done it again with a brand spanking new podcast called The Mr. Skin Podcast. In it Mr. Skin himself, (Jim McBride), along with Jimmy Failla and Andrea Lowell discuss upcoming nude scenes, celebrity news, and other things that are on everyone's mind. In this inaugural episode, McBride tells the tale of how his nudity in film empire came about and what his top ten nude scenes in films are. They also discuss the hottest nude debut scenes from the past weekend's TV. If you are looking for a podcast to listen to at the gym or when you are driving to work, this is it, my friends. It will keep you better informed about what really matters in life than This American Life or whatever crap you are listening to now. 

You can get it on iTunes, the Android store, Soundcloud, Google Play, or where ever fine podcasts are distributed. Do yourself a favor and download this immediately and subscribe so you never miss an episode. You'll thank me later.