Mr. Skin Discusses The 85 Current TV Series With Nudity

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michael-garcia - June 22, 2016

Mr. Skin, purveyors and chroniclers of all things nudity on TV and movies, has compiled the data on all of the TV shows that have naked ladies on them. Back when I was a kid the best you could hope for was a late night movie on HBO or Cinemax and maybe some scrambled pay-per-view porn. But now we have a lot of choices as far as ogling naked women. There are currently 85 shows on TV that broadcast nudity. It has partly to do with the expansion of cable channels that highlight nudity as well as the emergence of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu who create original content with boobs. Netflix leads the pack with the most shows that feature nudity with 12 followed by Showtime with 9. Depending on what your thing is, (boobs, butts, or bush), there are plenty of choices. For the most bang for your buck nothing beats HBO's perennial boob fest of Game of Thrones. They have a good balance of all three. Shameless on Showtime is all about the butt. So, pick your poison. 

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It is a glorious time to be alive. Television is as good as it has ever been as far as quality goes AND there is lots of nudity. Gone are the days of the tyranny of the FCC on broadcast TV. It brings a tear to my eye.

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