Mr. Freeze Confirmed for ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Cold, Cold Heart DLC (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 27, 2014

Sure, that's not exactly a ball-busting shock, considering the ice-based teasers that were released earlier. Still, you never know when a canny red herring is going to kick you in the ass, so it's nice to have these things spelled out.

Yes indeed. Cold, Cold Heart is the name of this --allegedly 'expansive'-- campaign DLC. It's set to bring us Mr. Freeze's origin story, and should be a treat for fans of the before-they-were-famous stylings of Origins. Let's cross our fingers, toes and balls for some Arnold Schwarzenegger puns. Y'know, chill out and cool off and all that sort of business. Without those, we're all just wasting our damn time here.

Check out the brief clip above, in which the famous villain makes a suitably dickish, ice gun-y entrance, and look out for the DLC from April 22.