Michelle Hunziker And Aurora Ramazzotti Bikini Mom and Daughter Style in Italia

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bill-swift - July 20, 2015

I'm not going to lie to you. I mean, not this time. It hurt something awful when I gave up my pursuit to have Swiss Miss hottie Michelle Hunziker be my new adopted mommy. I went through all the paperwork and filings with the Hague and Interpol and the rock band Kraftwerk. I was all set to proceed. Then Michelle got re-re-married and made some new babies and I just had to consider the bigger picture. And really, if I wanted screaming babies around when it was my turn to be coddled and nursed. It really could put a wet blanket on the whole ANR party.

To boot, in The Boot, Michelle has a grown teenaged daughter, Aurora Ramazotti, from one of the financial convenient marriages twice removed. Aurora is now eighteen and a bikini vacation holding of her own along with her mom, the two of them the adopted family I will now never know, or snuggle with under the blanket on cold blustery nights drinking cocoa and playing find the mini-marshmallows. Alas, it is for a greater good that I concede. I am not a crook. Just a peeping man with dreams of moms and daughters in bikinis and what happens when the lights go out and somebody rings the gong of enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF

For so long I truly wanted Michelle to be the mommy I never had. Mostly since my mom didn't want to go to prison.