Moriah Mills Barely Contained in Mismatched Bikini In Miami

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bill-swift - May 11, 2017

You could pretend that double thick girls with monster curves aren't some kind of rage these days, but then you'd be denying the likes of Moriah Mills and her 1.5 million followers on Instagram, tracking her every Sir-Mix-a-Lot landscape of exaggerated hourglass poses. She may or may not be your thing, she's definitely a lot of somebody's thing.

Moriah was in a mismatched bikini in Miami, mismatched in color but more importantly, in size. There's likely very few off the rack bikinis she can purchase to hoist her rack and do any sort of humility justice to her enormous badonkadonk, but she struts nonetheless. This is when the beach faring gentleman ogler hopes his wife isn't staring at him staring at Moriah. You'll never get away with, 'I didn't even notice her'. Moriah is all about the being noticed. And many other things in the privacy of your own happy times closet. 1.5 million followers can't be wrong. 


Photo Credit: Splash News