Moreos are Dippable Oreos to Love

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bill-swift - August 15, 2013

These are called Moreos, and they'll turn you into one of those obese guys who desperately need to lose weight on the Biggest Loser. You won't be able to buy them in any store (well, technically, you can)--but you can 'make' your own.

There isn't much involved, though. All you need to whip up your own package of Moreos is manual labor. A spoon or flat spatula should do the trick. All you have to do is take all the Oreos out of the package and scrape all the cream out of the cookies. Smoosh all the cream into one of the compartments on the tray and arrange the cookies on the vacant parts of the tray. And voila--there you have it: Moreos.

This is what Redditor EternallyXIII did with his package of Oreos and the world seems to love them. Aside from the cream, you could choose to add a dollop of peanut butter and maybe into the cookie sandwich while you're at it. Mm-hmm!

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