More Wii U Wonderment, Administered By… Rayman?

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chris-littlechild - August 21, 2012

Poor, piteous Rayman. A platform series of quasi-repute in the nineties lent him a reputation as a secondary bastion of the gaming icons pantheon, his days whiled away with getting drunk and shitting on the carpet with the likes of Crash Bandicoot. He exudes all the masculinity of a flamboyantly homosexual kitten, with his Gallic heli-hair and much derided dude, where's yo limbs at? design; and he has been further maligned for the accession of those ballache Rabbids and their feculent minigame compilations.

All of this notwithstanding, serendipity has decreed that he's not an ass after all of late. Last year's sublime Rayman Origins, with its resplendent, saber-sharp 2d artistry and vast mélange of collectibles, represents a true platforming magnum opus worthy of milieu maestro Mario. As such, the announcement that its progeny, Rayman Legends, will be exclusive to Wii U should be met with a smattering of polite applause by those clamoring for the console (as opposed to a contemptuous chorus of "CRAP IN MY ELDERLY MOTHER'S MOUTH! Not shit-tastic rabbit minigamesAGAIN? How many more of those games can Satan expunge from his noxious, soiled jockstrap and thrust upon us, like the huge malevolent bastard he is?"). Take a look at the ravishing rendering at hand in the gallery.

Images provided by thehdroom.

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